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Oh My! Look Inside...

Ever wanted Professional Hair Care Products at a reasonable cost AND delivered to you every month?

Oh My Box Club was created by a Master Hair Stylist who wanted to share amazing Professional Products with everyone!

After hearing her clients say "Oh! It was just easier to pick up at the grocery store." Or "I just grabbed it while I was there." She realized that its not about the "product", its about the convenience of picking up products for your hair and she decided to change that. She had tried other box clubs with hair, makeup and skin products and was never impressed with all the travel sizes and dollar store fillers that just got thrown in the trash.

 Your hair is literally the crown you never take off! 

We want to take the guess work out of picking the products that work best for your hair, deliver to you monthly so you never ever

 "pick up at the drugstore" again and ALWAYS, ALWAYS have Beautiful Healthy Hair!